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Project Description
Matrix is a plugin for SportTracks which enables you go into details for your logged GPS activities. It is ideal for comparing similar activities (e.g. cycling the same distance to and from work), and presents these data in a nice formatted matrix. You can define several GPS points which enables you to "split" the activities, and get into details and still have a great overview of details on the activity.

You can choose between displaying your fastest, slowest or median value, and display the results in time, speed, elevation or distance. You can have one or more groups of GPS points, so you can easily switch between different distances that you want to compare. Moving the mouse over a cell (tool tip) to see all other results between these GPS points. The context menu enables you to copy the tool tip or the entire matrix to the clipboard, and you can paste it into other application e.g. Excel, a web site or your blog.

Vision / Scope
Easy, flexible and useful plugin for SportTracks

Getting started
Getting started guide for end users
and a getting started guide for developers

Plans for further releases
The Work item list contain some features that are planned to be part of future releases of the plugin. It would be great to get your feedback for new functionality as well.

Project Owner
Henrik Næss (userid hn at SportTracks)

Screenshot from the application

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