Install and configuration

Matrix support the ST2-Plugin format for SportTracks, so download and run the MatrixPlugin.st2plugin (located in the Releases tab) and Matrix will be installed for you. You can verify that the plugin is loaded correctly in SportTracks by checking the settings page, screenshot.

Configure Matrix
The general settings are stored in the System.Preferences file with other application settings.
PositionGroups can be read from Trails or added in a separate xml file using an external editor (like NotePad++). The GPS error correction (maximum distance that a point can be away from another, but still be treated as the same GPS point) can be editing in the PlugIn-Settings in SportTracks or be editing the file. The preference file is located at %Appdata%\SportTracks\MatrixPlugIn\preference.xml (%appdata% = e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data)

Structure of the Preferences.xml
(not used since version 0.6.0) The value in the <ToleranceForLength> node is the GPS error correction (in same distance units as your elevation setting)
The <Position> node can have one or all of the following attributes:
  • default - specify which position group that should be default be selected in the combo box for selecting different position groups.
  • tempo - specify which tempo that should be default (allowed values = 'Fastest', 'Median', 'Slowest' - with that casing)
  • data - specify which data type that should be display in the grid (allowed value = 'time', 'speed')
  • stopped - if value = 'false' the stopped time is not included in calculations

The <Position> node can have one or more <PositionGroup> nodes:
The <PositionGroup> should have an attribute name and this specifiy the name of the PositionGroup, e.g. basis
The <PositionGroup> can have have one or all of the following attributes:
  • tempo - specify which tempo that should used for the group (allowed values = 'Fastest', 'Median', 'Slowest' - with that casing)
  • data - specify which data type that should be display in the grid (allowed value = 'time', 'speed') for this group
  • stopped - if value = 'false' the stopped time is not included in calculations for this group

The <PositionGroup> can have one or more <Point>. Each <Point> node have three attributes, name, lat, lon
name = Name of the point (e.g. home, work, petrolstation)
lat = Latitude in decimals (e.g. 59.8881)
lon = Longitude in decimals (e.g. 10.5650)

You can replace all the existing PositionGroups, they are there just for an example for you.

You can change the default format of the tooltip by changing the Tooltip node. The default tooltip is:
{time} {avgspeed} {starttime:17} {name:40} {distance:10} {stoppedtime:10}
where :XX after the variabel (XX = number) indicate padding-right (useful to right align numbers)
Allowed value: time, avgspeed, starttime, name, distance.

It should not be harder than this (it actually only the values in the position group you have to change), and - yes - this could have been described using XML Schema.

How to display one activity
Select the activity (which contain a GPS track) in SportTracks, and in the activity details window select Matrix (which should be listed as one of your plugins). The Matrix plugin will then be displayed. screenshot

Integration with Unique Routes
If you have selected one activity and want to compare against other activities for the same track/distance, click on the Unique Routes button, and results from Unique Routes will be used as a filter for the data source.

How to display several activities
In SportTracks select Select View, Activity Reports. Use the filter in the Activity Reports to limit the number of activities you want to choose from. Select the activities you want to display (yes, this could later be linked to unique route or something similar). After you have selected your activities, choose Edit activity, Matrix for X activities.

What does the Matrix tell
Based on your selection of PositionGroup (the combo box titled Group), the positions (e.g. home, work, petrolstation) is displayed on both axes. The diagonal from top-left to bottom-right will never contain values, since it is from and to the same position. But from the other points you should get some values, e.g. home to work. The plugin check your direction of your activities, so if you only have selected activities that includes activities from home to work (not the other way) only one part of the matrix will contain data. Include activities that covers both directions, to get a full matrix. screenshot

The combo box Type enables you to show your results based on fastest, slowest or median.The calculations will be done per data cell. The combo box Value enables you specify if you want to show time, speed, elevation or distance in the data cells. Try the Data combobox to change between different data source, when you have more than one activity you can compare the current activity by checking the 'Compare with current activity' checkbox.

Tooltip contain much more stuff
Display tool tip on an each cell to get all details between to positions, e.g. home and work (in that direction). The tool tip will display a list of information (time, speed, activity name, distance and stopped time) about all matched activities for this distance.

Copy to clipboard
It is possible to both copy the tool tip and the complete matrix to the clipboard.


The plugin can be used both in the activity details window and edit activity in SportTracks.

Now, I want to start

Follow the steps above and things should be working. I have also added some examples files if don't have any tracks your self (or want to see how this can work). The examples files are located in the

Developer stuff

Go to section for developers

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