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Analyze individual parts of different training/race results


one of the most interesting aspects of this plugin is the possiblity to analyze individual parts of different training/race results on the same track (by means of activity reports, then selecting the relevant activities).
Apart from having the possiblity to select the fastest, median and slowest
tempo, it would be interesting to display the individual results for each training in each result field: Training A in red, Training B in blue etc.
If just 2 trainings are selected, it would be fabulous if the values of both trainings could be displayed and the difference (absolute and relative) would be calculated and displyed as well.
Would be great if the one or the other aspect of this posting could be realized some when.
Closed Dec 23, 2010 at 12:43 PM by gerhardo
This is implemented to greater extent in Trails, no special implementation in Matrix planned - Trails have graphs.